Wayland E. Noland and Kenneth J. Tritch. 3,5-Di­bromo­benzo­nitrile, IUCrData, 2018, 3, x180059

Mol­ecules of the title compound (I), C7H3Br2N, lie on a crystallographic mirror plane that bis­ects the benzene ring and the cyano group. In the crystal, no C≡N⋯Br or Br⋯Br short contacts are observed. Head-to-tail C(7) chains form based on weak hydrogen bonding between the the para H atom and the cyano N atom. Although mol­ecules of (I) pack differently than 3,5-di­fluoro­benzo­nitrile, both compounds have similarly distorted benzene rings. For (I), the endocyclic bond angles are 121.16 (16)° and 117.78 (16)° about the ipso and para C atoms, respectively.